The RNA Code: Pseudogenes Functional, Help Prevent Cancer


“If all the geneticists had approached the black box of pseudogenes
with the ID mentality, it is quite possible that our understanding of
gene regulation would have been propelled forward by years or decades
– and maybe even our progress toward curing cancer. Ideas make a

“Rather than dismiss something out of hand as junk because it doesn’t
fit the current Central Dogma, the ID scientist looks for evidence of
function. He or she assumes an overarching purpose and design in the
system, at least in its salient features. Maybe no function will be
found for a particular phenomenon, but at least the ID scientist asks
different questions: not “what is this junk doing in the way?” but
“where does this puzzle piece fit in the picture?” In this particular
case, an ID scientist would have been rewarded not with surprise so
much as satisfaction: expectations fulfilled. The only surprise would
be not that the unknown piece has a function, but that the function is
more vast, marvelous and intricate than expected. Has the genome
really just doubled? Picture the Darwinist and the IDer saying “Good
heavens!” with completely different facial expressions and tones of
voice at that revelation.”

~ by fnds on June 24, 2010.

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