Evolution News & Views: Eric Hoffer’s Skepticism About Darwinism


Richard Dawkins wrote in his latest book The Greatest Show on Earth that

the evidence for evolution grows by the day, and has never been stronger. At the same time, paradoxically, ill-informed opposition is also stronger than I can remember.

What he says about the evidence for evolution growing is the opposite of the truth. In reality it is getting weaker. The key to understanding this is Hoffer's comment about nature's "minute dovetailing and mathematical precision." The more we study life at the molecular level, the more precise that dovetailing turns out to be. It has reached the point where it is impossible to believe that it arose by the natural selection of random variants.

In the 19th century, German contemporaries of Darwin such as Max Schultz and Ernst Haeckel thought that a cell was a "simple lump of protoplasm." That was pure fiction, invented by the materialists of the day to make Darwinian evolution seem more plausible. Everything we have learned in the 150 years since then has shown that, far from being "undifferentiated protoplasm," the cell exceeds in complexity a modern hi-tech factory.

Before the Human Genome Project we thought we knew what a gene was–a well defined nucleotide sequence. Now its complexity is seen to be so great that the old concept of the gene will probably have to be abandoned. (See "What Is a Gene?" Nature, 2006.) As the research grows, the minute dovetailing is shown to be more and more precise at every level. It is pure deception to pretend that we know how it happened.

Contrary to Dawkins, the alleged evidence for evolution becomes less plausible with every passing day.


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