Human Genome Project Supports Adam, Not Darwin

“Olson’s revelations are even more shocking, and, in a way, delightful
– for those who believe that the Bible, not Darwin, tells where man
came from.  Olson essentially said that Darwinists should pack up and
go home, because the factors that they have counted on to explain
human complexity are minor players.  Then he said that most mutations
are harmful, bad, deleterious, regressive, plaguing each individual
person.  For the coup-de-grace, he said that there seems to be a
“Platonic ideal” of the human makeup (wild-type referring to natural)
from which we all “fall short.”  This is the opposite of Darwinian
evolutionary ascent from slime; it is descent with modification
downward from an initial ideal state.  Biblical creationists will
shout Amen: we have all fallen from Adam!”


~ by fnds on February 23, 2011.

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