Creation-Evolution Headlines: More Soft Tissue Found in Old Fossils

More Soft Tissue Found in Old Fossils

“Watch out for the suggestive wording in articles like this.  The
first article used the phrase “building blocks” twice.  That phrase is
commonly used by evolutionists seeking to make the origin of life
sound as easy as A-B-C. The end of the article also talked about
using the techniques to infer the long-term status of buried wastes, a
red herring that sidesteps the damaging implications of finding
still-intact soft tissue in rock alleged to be millions of years old.
   Over and over, articles like these promise readers that
discoveries are helping scientists “understand” the world.  If they
truly understood, they would admit that the evidence only makes sense
if these fossils are recent.  The millions of years are not in the
fossils in the rocks, remember, but in the rocks in evolutionists’


~ by fnds on April 1, 2011.

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